Why everyone is obsessed with McMillion$, the new HBO documentary about an iconic McDonald's scam

A new documentary about a multi-million dollar scam involving McDonald’s and its long-running Monopoly promotion is causing viewers on social media to remark ‘I’m lovin it!’

McMillion$ details the 12-year scam by the man who was supposed to be in charge of keeping the promotion secure, Jerry Jacobson.

Swindling more than $24m among friends, seemingly random co-conspirators and some very lucky distant relatives, Jacobson stole and sold the rarest Monopoly pieces and now HBO is revealing it all in a new six-part series.

But through the drama of it all, there was one hero that Twitter couldn’t get enough of after the first episode last night FBI Special Agent Doug Mathews.

One day, while bored with his routine of looking into white collar crimes, he noticed a note on his mentor’s desk that simply read: McDonald's Monopoly Fraud?

He then took the investigation into his own hands and contacted the original tipster, who claimed three people in the Jacksonville area each won the $1m grand prize. What a coincidence that they were all related too!

Agent Mathews then proceeded to wear a gold suit (to coordinate with the iconic Golden Arches, of course) for a meeting with McDonald’s execs.

Twitter, very understandably, lost it.

After GoldSuitGate, the fangirling turned to anger over people not winning big in the Monopoly promotion themselves.

But mostly people just became hungry for McDonald’s.

Suddenly we’re hungry now too.

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