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On August 10, 2012, Melania Trump, long before her days in the White House, posted maybe one of the finest tweets in the history of Twitter.

Sharing an innocent picture of a happy beluga whale bobbing away in the ocean, Melania posed a question that has plagued experts and philosophers ever since.

What is she thinking?

We could wax lyrical about what was running through the adorable mind of this lovable mammal but, unfortunately, this isn't about the mental state of a whale.

It's actually about the image itself and something unusual that began happening to it on Saturday evening.

Inexplicably, the image switched from that of a whale to a picture of a giraffe.

For some, the image was different depending on what device they viewed the tweet on.

As we all know, you can't edit tweets, so how was Melania achieving this sorcery?

Well, an article from Deadspin, published back in September, seemed to shed some light on what was happening.

The website shared an article about a tweet that the Chicago Cubs baseball team put out, where the image had been changed to one of a pornographic actress.

The article explains that the problem possibly occurred due to an expired image ID in the URL of the tweet, which had been reassigned to another image.

Either way, the tweet appears to have returned to normal again and is now showing us the whale, thus restoring harmony and balance to the universe.

Still, it gave people a brief bit of fun and enjoyment before 2018 clocks out.

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