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Melania Trump

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Former first lady Melania Trump has made a surprising move as she launches the “Office of Melania Trump” on Twitter.

The news was announced amid reports that Melania is annoyed by the attention being given to current first lady Jill Biden. It is believed Melania set the office up in order to continue the work she did during her time in the White House, which included a campaign called “Be Best”.

The Be Best campaign was set up to raise awareness for children’s health, the impact the opioid crisis is having on young people and to fight against online bullying - a point many found ironic given her husband Donald Trump’s online and offline behaviour throughout his time as President.

Many were also confused by the recent announcement as Melania herself appeared to show little interest in the role of first lady while holding the position.

The first tweet from the so-far unverified Twitter account made the announcement:

In response, people very quickly made their feelings known. Some shared the image of Melania Trump who wore a jacket with the words “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” printed on the back while visiting migrant children - a tone-deaf move that, at the time, sparked an extreme backlash.

Another user took offence at the “phony presidential seal” and claimed that it is simply “posturing that she ever had any interest or knowledge of what a First Lady is supposed to do.”

Others took is an opportunity to poke fun at what this new account is for.

It will certainly be interesting to see what comes out of this.

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