Melania Trump's White House Christmas decorations are nowhere near as scary as her previous efforts

Greg Evans
Monday 02 December 2019 11:15

Since the Trumps made the White House their home, Melania Trump has embarked on a weird tradition of releasing really creepy pictures and videos of her Christmas decorations.

Here are here efforts from 2017:

And 2018:

In comparison, her 2019 effort is a bit more subdued and traditional, although who seriously walks around their house in high heels and a coat?

She also claimed in another tweet that the decorations were 'The Spirit of America' which is a little weird.

People haven't been that mean about the decorations yet but there are few who have found odd things to point out especially as it seems to have nothing to do with "patriotism."

Still, at least it's better than those Handmaid's Tale trees that she had last year...

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