This tweet about 'the year of the woman' in Mexico went spectacularly wrong

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Here is a quick Spanish language lesson for you.

The word 'año' translates to 'year'.

The word 'ano' (note the lack of tilde above the n) translates as well...'anus'.

With that in mind, spare a thought for the poor social media operator for National Public Radio in the US.

In an article that highlighted the positive number of women running for office in Mexico's recent presidential elections, NPR put out a tweet which read as follows:

There are more than 3,000 women running for elective office in Mexico.

Some Mexicans are calling 2018 'el ano de la mujer,' which translates to 'the year of the woman.'

If you were paying attention earlier, you will have noticed the mistake in there.

They used 'ano' instead of 'año' so they basically said it was 'the anus of the woman'. Doh!

Although the tweet was quickly deleted, NPR was good enough to own up to the mistake in a follow-up tweet, which went viral.

Predictably, everyone had a good old laugh in the comments.

Others shared similar experiences of this unfortunate typo.

At least NPR was decent enough to own up and explain why the tweet was deleted. Good work guys.

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