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Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore is an outspoken social critic who often takes to Twitter to share clever anecdotes about the world writ large.

People have been re-sharing one such instance, when Moore tried to make an important point about how men, rather than women had a propensity to damage, break and destroy things. It fell short.

The 2016 tweet has exchange has gone viral on Reddit with Jessica Ellis pointing out that, well, Moore was mistaken.

Women were involved in the creation of the nuclear weapon

And in the smoke stack

They were aggressors during the Holocaust

And they do in fact contribute to the melting of the polar ice caps

Women have also committed atrocities like school shootings

Ellis wasn’t using her platform to brag – far from it.

There are women – like men – who are morally reprehensible, and pushing a Victorian ‘women are pure’ agenda is damaging both men and women.

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