Mick Lynch has knocked it out of the park again amid latest strike action

Mick Lynch has knocked it out of the park again amid latest strike action
Mick Lynch defends train strikes affecting FA Cup final and Beyonce concert

RMT Union leader Mick Lynch has been savagely taking down TV presenters again during interviews amid the most recent round of strike action.

The leader of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union has become a well-known figure on our screens over the six months or so as union members have been engaged in a long stand-off with the government over pay and working conditions.

In one of his most recent interviews, Lynch savagely took down the interviewer who questioned the RMT leader about rail operators being bailed out, before Lynch perfectly explained what was actually happening.

The interviewer said: “Railways have been bailed out to £16 million pounds to keep them afloat. The rail network doesn’t work properly.”

But, Lynch explained: “They didn’t need to be bailed out … They needed to be subsided because these private sector operators are ripping the country off by taking a profit.

“While they were taking that subsidy, and our members worked all the way through that [pandemic] by the way, they’ve paid themselves £400 million pounds of profit from that subsidy.”

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Elsewhere in the same interview that was shared on the Trades Union Congress Twitter page, Lynch also argued that the railways ran a “remarkable” service under British Rail when they were last nationalised given how “underfunded” they were.

He also suggested that they are not calling for British Rail to be brought back, but are seeking a public service that is run in the interests of customers and the environment.

Once again, people were impressed with Lynch’s ability to calmly correct people and put across his point.

Someone commented: “Right-wing journalists continually try and go up against Mick Lynch without doing their homework. And then end up staring into space while he owns them.”

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