A couple's story of two strangers maybe falling in love on a flight is amazing

Rosey BLair/ Twitter screengrabs

You know where’s a good place to find love? 35,000 feet in the air.


Rosey Blair and her boyfriend were flying home to Dallas, Texas, when they realised they were not seated together.

Blair asked a woman if she could swap seats. The woman obliged, and Rosey joked that perhaps the person who will come to sit next to her ‘would be the love of her life’.

When a man sat next to the woman, hearts erupted behind Blair’s eyes and she took it upon herself to document the love story seemingly blossoming before her.

Yes, she livestreamed the entire thing.

And we're here for it.

Personal trainer? Check. Vegetarian? Check.

Neither seem to be married...

Minutes into the flight and the budding couple are already touching elbows. Elbows you guys!

At this point, Blair's tweets have plunged straight into viral river, and she reassured the thousands of people invested in the story that she would stalk follow them to baggage claim.

They're both pretty people (if the vegetarian and personal trainer hadn't already tipped you off). It's clearly a match made in the heavenly skies.

At one point, the woman let her hair down from the ponytail. Seduction mode, mayhap?

Blair and her boyfriend were rooting for the 'hunk' to buy the woman a drink. He did something better: cheese.

And then they were showing each other family photos. IT'S ON.

Blair bought extra WiFi to keep everybody posted. That right there is dedication.

Viewers messaged Blair thanking her for documenting this wondrous moment.


She went in.

Blair managed to deduce that the pair followed each other on Instagram (practically a promise of marriage) and they even left the plane together.

And most importantly, they both appear to be based in Dallas.

In a video update, Blair said:

They’re gonna fall in love, and get married, and have babies!

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