If you do any of these 8 things you're middle class

Being called 'middle class' has become a bit of an insult recently.

Gone are the days where the happy middle was something that one aspires to reach - now it feels like you're either part of the privileged elite, or attempting to making ends meet with the 'just about managing'.

Middle class has seemingly become synonymous with phrases like “metropolitan elite” and “Corbynite”.

But what are the traits of being middle class? What are the tell-tale signs? Is it mixing your shopping between Aldi and Waitrose? Or simply buying a bottle of wine that isn't the basic house plonk?

Don't know whether you fit the bill? Here are some of the classic signs middle class, thanks to reddit.

1. If this is your house

2. If this is how you spend your weekend

3. If this is your garage

4. If this is your hobby

5. If this is what you see when you look in the mirror

6. If this is your dog

7. If this is your work perk

8. If this is your storage logic

If you're still unsure why don't you try out this handy quiz?

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