Midterm elections: Fake story claims a Kentucky Republican lost to the man she refused a same-sex marriage licence to
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The Kentucky Republican county clerk, Kim Davis has lost her bid for re-election, losing to Democrat Elwood Caudill Jr.

In 2015, Davis became a national story in the US after she refused to issue marriage licences to a same-sex couple, which included assistant English professor David Ermold.

Davis would cite her decision to be on religious grounds, but still found to be in contempt of court and served five days in jail as a result.

Although she has lost her race by approximately 4,210 votes to 3,466 votes, as reported by The Hill, a now-deleted tweet have been suggesting that it was Ermold that beat Davis in the election.

The Daily Dotreports that a Twitter user named Stephanie Jones wrote:

Kim Davis going down at the hand of the man she wouldn't give a marriage licence to #Karma.

Other examples of this misinformation are still present on Twitter.

Although Ermold did run for election against Davis, he actually lost his primary back in May to the eventual winner Caudill.

On Twitter, people were quick to point out that Davis did not lose to Ermold in the election.

However, in an unlikely twist, after losing the election, Ermold turned on Caudill and accused him of being an anti-gay bigot and hoped that Davis would beat him.

Courier-Journal quotes him as saying:

I just want him to lose. I would rather Kim Davis win.

At least Kim Davis has the integrity to stand up for what she believes in. Elwood Caudill is a liar.

Ermold has since stated on Twitter on that he was happy to see Davis lose her seat but was disappointed to be compared to Caudill.

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