This video seemingly showing a little boy's reflection in the mirror to be 'moving faster than he does' will have you question a few things.

In an innocuous scene, the young boy is being filmed standing in front of the mirror until it appears that his reflection moves faster than he does.

Before the boy turns away from the mirror, you can see his reflection has already disappeared, seemingly moving faster than the child.

Is the child a demon? Is the mirror a portal to another world? Twitter users went into overdrive trying to figure out what they were seeing.

Alas, demonic possession is most likely not the cause.

No, it would make sense that the whole scene is just be a trick of the eye thanks to the angle that it was filmed, or even the quality of the camera.

The boy's mother, from San Antonio, Texas, tweeted the video featuring her son.

The five-second clip has been shared more than 109,000 times and viewed more than 3 million times.

The original owner of the video, @satxjolynn, said a day after posting it that the illusion was caused by a combination of the angle of the mirror, the position of where she was filming.

Maybe the only question this video should have you asking is "How do angles work?"

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