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When times seem bleak and serious, we can always count on the The Ellen Show to cheer us up. It's like gooey chocolate fudge cake in TV form.

Mary Halsey's karaoke cover of Missy Elliott’s iconic hit 'Work It' went viral last month. Naming herself "Missy's funky white sister", Halsey rapped an incredible version of the song during a barbecue.

Missy herself praised the cover online, saying that she “killed” the performance.

Following the viral success of the clip, Halsey rapped a cover on The Ellen Show. But unbeknownst to her, Missy surprised her half way through, joining her in the rendition.

Impressively, far from faltering under the pressure, Halsey barely missed a beat and resumed rapping with her idol – a true professional.

After the show, the new friends posted on social media from backstage, with Missy describing her fan as a “gem”.

Dreams do come true.

H/T: Mashable

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