Ellen gives her studio audience $1 million to split between them

Ellen gives her studio audience $1 million to split between them

The beloved American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is celebrating her 60 birthday this week.

There were celebrations throughout the latest episode of The Ellen Show; including a special gift from her wife Portia de Rossi which prompted a tearful reaction.

It wasn't just Ellen who was receiving gifts for her birthday though, as she treated her audience with an amazing act of gratitude.

The guests for that particular show had all participated in the "One Million Acts of Good" campaign, in association with Ellen and Cheerios.

Those in attendance had gone to great lengths to spread kindness throughout America, including a couple who had driven over 1200km to help people in need after Hurricane Harvey.

Another had donated a kidney to a student they had taught, while one man opted to leave his job and start working for an animal sanctuary.

These amazing acts are all astonishing in their own right and Ellen honoured those individuals by presenting them with $1 million to split between them.

She revealed this by asking them to check if they had a box of Cheerios under their seat and low and behold they all had a box.

Once she told them all what they would be getting the audience erupted into levels of euphoria not seen since Oprah Winfrey gave away free cars to her entire audience.


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