The nation's favourite deodorant revealed – thanks to one viral photo

The nation's favourite deodorant revealed – thanks to one viral photo
Teenager dies after inhaling his deodorant

The UK heatwave has certainly struck up conversations online, from memes to sleep complaints – and now discussions of the best deodorant to stay smelling sweet and avoid sweating where possible.

In a post that "speaks a thousand words," one Twitter user instantly shut down the debate by showing a supermarket display packed with deodorants. However, there was one brand, in particular, that had one single can left: Mitchum.

The tweet soon went viral across the platform with over 16,000 favourites and hundreds more responses.

One passionate response read: "Mitchum literally is so powerful, I swear your armpit glands completely shut down and don't exist anymore. My entire body could be dripping sweat, sweat dripping down my face and yet my armpits remain dry. I question if the glands have simply ceased to exist."

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Another wrote: "Once you’ve experienced the peace of mind Mitchum gives you, there’s no going back. I forgot that I even sweat."

Meanwhile, a third added: "If you’re not wearing Mitchum then stay away from me."

This isn't the first time the deodorant brand has caught the attention of social media.

Last year, one TikToker turned to the video app to rave about Mitchum. "Right, if you sweat so much and you smell and there’s no deodorant to help you, I’ve found one," Laura said. "I went out last night, I’m still in the clothes, and I wore this deodorant and so did my friend, and we didn’t smell nor sweat."


TikTok · laura 🩵

She added: "I know 48 hours means 48 hours with this bad boy, I really do. I can tell."

Laura explained how she had tried various deodorants, but this one exceeded all her expectations.

"This one, I get on well with this one," she said. "So yeah, just thought I’d put that out there - I really like this deodorant and we all need it in this heat!"

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