Like many people who want to keep some sort of separation between work and life, it’s been revealed that Mitt Romney has a secret Twitter account.

It all started when The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins published a profile of senator Mitt Romney. During the piece, the Utah senator revealed that he was the owner of a secret Twitter account.

McKay wrote:

'That’s kind of what he does,' Romney said with a shrug, and then got up to retrieve an iPad from his desk. He explained that he uses a secret Twitter account—'What do they call me, a lurker?'—to keep tabs on the political conversation.

I won’t give you the name of it. I’m following 668 people. Swiping at his tablet, he recited some of the accounts he follows, including journalists, late-night comedians (“What’s his name, the big redhead from Boston?”), and athletes. Trump was not among them. 

'He tweets so much,” Romney said, comparing the president to one of his nieces who overshares on Instagram. “I love her, but it’s like, Ah, it’s too much.

Going on these factors, Slate’s Ashley Feinberg did some digging and searched for an anonymous account following around 700 people that’s also following Romney’s close relatives.

She found Twitter user @qaws9876, otherwise known as Pierre Delecto. The account was created in 2011 and mostly follows political commentators and reporters.

The account often responds to political tweets, particularly those concerning Romney.

More recently, the account condemned Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from Syria.

Here’s some other tweets that Feinberg noticed had been liked by the account, most of which featured Romney.

There’s also some troll-ish tweets liked by the account, like this one about Hillary Clinton in 2016.

When asked whether the account belongs to him, Romney confirmed that Feinberg had successfully tracked him down.

HT Slate

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