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“I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world”

We can’t be entirely sure but that might be what Duckie Thot sings when she wakes up every morning.

The South Sudanese model bears an uncanny resemblance to the internationally renowned doll.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this photo that she tweeted a few days ago.

People were very confused. Were they looking at a real person or a doll?

Luckily, Duckie is used to these types of questions and she had the perfect response lined up.

Now people are calling for Duckie to have her very own Barbie doll created and she is fully on board with the idea.

Duckie first rose to fame when she appeared on Australia’s Next Top Model where Stylists didn’t know how to cornrow her hair, leaving her to do it herself.

She wrote about the incident an Instagram post.

This embarrassing experience has encouraged Duckie to become a role model for Black women in the modelling industry and make sure these sorts of things are less of a regular occurrence.

Speaking to Teen Vogue in December she said

It wasn’t easy for me growing up and not having any type of role model out in Australia. So my driving force is that hopefully — well, they don’t necessarily look to me — but that black women in general need to be out there the way that other women are. It needs to happen for 'us' already!"

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