Monopoly ditches outdated Community Chest cards and players can choose the replacements

<p>Monopoly is getting a makeover with community in mind</p>

Monopoly is getting a makeover with community in mind

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The classic board game Monopoly is ditching its old fashioned Community Chest cards and wants players to help it come up with new options.

The 85-year-old game is up for a dramatic makeover, which will include getting rid of the Get Out of Jail card, the instruction to collect a tax rebate and the very dated: “You have won second prize in a beauty contest, collect £10.”

Hasbro, the company that produces the game, said it wanted to reflect how society had changed during the Covid-19 pandemic and needed to ensure the cards live up to their community name.

New options include rewards for weeding community gardens, helping cats at animal shelters and shopping for your elderly neighbour.

In a statement, Annie Leonhardi of Hasbro said: “Since Monopoly became a household name more than 85 years ago, the world has changed and embraced a sense of community - particularly after the unprecedented year of 2020.

“With community being more important than ever before, this year is the perfect time to give fans across the country the chance to show what community means to them through voting on the new set of Community Chest cards.”

Hasbro recently hit the headlines for taking the Mr out of Mr Potatohead, making the children’s toy gender-neutral.

The Community Chest was named after a real aid association in Atlantic City in New Jersey so they are seeking to evoke that same energy.

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Players will be able to vote for their new favourite playing cards from a list of 32, which then eventually be narrowed down to 16.

All of the final 16 cards will aim to be more “philanthropic”. Options include: “You gave blood. And there were free cookies! Collect £10.” Another is: “You organise a bake sale for your local school. Collect £25.”

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