The price of the Australian passport has surged making it the most expensive in the world, according to new analysis.

The cost of the 10-year travel book is now $282 (Australian dollars), around £160, and has risen by 41 per cent over the last decade, the study by The New Dailyfound.

In 2015, the passport ranked as the second-most expensive behind Turkey, according to travel website GoEuro.


But while the Turkish official travel document cost rose slightly over the last few years, the Australian passport price beat it.

Turkey now lists its travel book price at about $255 (around £144).

The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) told The New Daily that fare increases have gone “far enough” and called on the government to freeze them.

A spokesman from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in the country responded and said costs mirrored:

...the quality of the documents produced and the standard of service delivered by the Australian Passport Office.

This year, the Australian passport ranks 22nd for visa-free travel, according to a list released by Henley & Partners this week. Germany now has the world's most 'powerful' passport. Its citizens can travel to 177 countries visa-free.

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