The comment that sparked the reaction that became the meme of 2017


Gifs. Wonderful gifs. Where would we be without you?

These lovely little animated pictures have been the perfect way for the internet to express its jubilation, dismay or befuddlement at a certain comment or story through movement rather than words.

You can more or less use them for any situation. Just look at these and you'll automatically know what someone is trying to say.

Via:Via: Giphy

Via:Via: Giphy

Via:Via: Giphy

However, in the confusing and often distressing landscape of 2017 one gif has stood head and shoulders above the rest.

That's right. You've guessed it. It's the blinking white man.

Via:Via: Giphy

It has been used for endless amounts of subjects on Twitter and never gets old.

Even celebrities have used it.

We could honestly go on forever but you probably get the idea by now.

According to the gif sharing app Tenor this has been the most used gif of the year but you may not know the story behind it.

The man whose image has been clogging up your timeline this year is Drew Scanlon, a video game producer for Giant Bomb.

The origin of the gif dates back to 2013 when Scanlon and his colleagues were live streaming a video game.

His reaction is alleged to have come after his editor said: "I’ve been doing some farming with my hoe here..."

A piece of internet history was born.

Scanlon spoke about the gif's sensational rise in popularity on Good Morning America earlier this month.


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