This photo of grass on Mount Everest proves how terrifyingly real climate change is

Evie Breese@Evie_Breese
Friday 10 January 2020 14:00

Close your eyes and picture the world’s tallest mountain. Prayer flags, moo-ing yaks, blizzards and enough snow to build a hundred million snowmen, right?

But grass? Hell no.

As we enter the climate emergency, grass has begun to sprout on the mountain considered the world’s most treacherous due in part to its glaciers and snowdrifts.

While small but significant, the growth in greenery can be seen from above, and was spotted by scientists analysing satellite imagery from 1993 to 2018.

A quarter of all the Himalayan glacier ice has been lost over the last four decades, and grass is growing in its place.

If this isn’t proof of global heating what is?

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