This mum tried to pay her babysitter with 'ice cream and a day of fun'

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There are no two ways about it - there's only one reason we go to work, and that's to earn some money. We aren't there for the fun of it.

However, this mum seems to have missed that memo, and attempted to pay her babysitter with 'free ice cream and a day of fun'.

Yes, really.

Taking to Reddit, user VortexThing shared a series of messages that had been exchanged by her sister, and the nightmare mother.

On the site, she wrote:

Sister sent me this...she was blocked immediately after.

As you can see in the messages, the mum appears to have promised to pay the babysitter $16 an hour, before doubling down when she's asked to hand over the money.

After things get a bit more heated, the mum then becomes verbally abusive, calls the babysitter 'stuck up', and even calls her the C-word, before blocking her contact in her mobile phone.

Now, that's just straight up out of order.

Needless to say, many other Redditors had thoughts on the situation.

One suggested taking the matter to the small claims court:

You could always do small claims court. Make her pay for all the court fees.

Another was furious:

This has me seeing red. Agreed to a price, services rendered, and refusing to pay.

A third summed up the situation:

Poor kids...

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