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Nasa recently decided to crowdsource the message human kind should use in instances of 'first contact' with alien life.

The Voyager space probes were launched 40 years ago, and have been travelling out of solar system ever since.

In addition to sending back images of space, the probes each carry a golden disc, containing information about Earth and human culture, in the hopes that alien life might come across it.

Some of the sounds and images on the Voyager Golden Record include:

  • Recordings of greetings in 59 languages.
  • Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F, First Movement by JS Bach.
  • 'Dark Was the Night, Cold was the Ground' by Blind Willie Johnson
  • Diagrams of the solar system, the human skeleton, human sex organs and conception.
  • And photohgraphs of a woman breastfeeding a baby, a supermarket, the Great Wall of China, and an Antarctic expedition

Now Nasa have decided to add a 60 character message, tweeted to them by a member of the public.

Nasa, the Jet Propulsion Lab, and the Voyager team will then choose three of these messages.

The public will vote on which of the three to send up to Voyager.

Given the opportunity to speak on behalf of humankind, the online Twitter community displayed gravitas, wit, and seriousness, in response to the request.

Thanks to Joe Sabeh, the aliens will not need to ask to be taken to our leader.

This was a popular suggestion:

No public poll is complete without this suggestion:

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