Nasa’s Perseverance parachute features a secret message in binary code

Internet sleuths are claiming to have decoded a message hidden in the parachute of Nasa’s Perseverancerover.

Nasa released footage of the exploration device safely landing on Mars this week, with the help of the supersonic parachute.

Space enthusiasts were quick to notice the parachute’s unusual red and white pattern, and decided there was more than meets the eye.

Reddit users deduced the design incorporated its own version of binary code, and hid a message that read “dare mighty things” -- a motto used by Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), home of the Perseverance mission team.

The red stripes of the parachute represent the figure one, while the white stripes zero. Each 10-stripe sequence equates to a number that corresponds with a letter in the computer ASCII code.

Sleuths also found, hidden on the outer rim of the parachute, encoded coordinates34°11’58” N, 118°10’31” W, which spells out the location of JPL in Pasadena, California.

‘Dare Mighty Things’ has been used by Nasa in previous Mars missionsmm with the phrase titling a 2013 trailer for the Curiosity rover mission.

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