<p>The charity looks after places of historic beauty</p>

The charity looks after places of historic beauty

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A tweet from the National Trust’s account sarcastically joked the charity was busy “flushing someone’s head down the toilet” following accusations of bullying levelled against it.

The tweet, which was swiftly deleted, was posted in response to an article, written for the Spectator by Charles Moore, in which he claimed that there is a bullying culture in the charity.

Moore alleged he was approached by an anonymous employee who said the organisation asks people how they voted in the Brexit referendum during interviews and does not hire anyone who voted Leave.

He added that his source said: “There is an atmosphere of fear and bullying — not, as the upper echelons in the Trust would like to believe, among downtrodden minorities, but among anyone who holds a view opposed to the neo-Marxist model prevalent in the organisation”.

But responding to his article, Moore faced criticism from those who thought his claims lacked substance:

The National Trust have since confirmed to indy100 that an employee really was responsible for the tweet. But at least they have the backing of a few people who found the exchange hilarious.

Historian Charlotte Riley said:

The Trust later posted a, shall we say, more moderate response to Moore’s article, denying Moore’s claims and stating that they had asked the Spectator to retract them:

They also said they would be reporting the Spectator to the press watchdog IPSO.

A National Trust spokesperson said: “We try to remain mature in our outlook. Everyone has their limits. Shortly after we tweeted it we decided it probably wasn’t up to our usual standard so we removed it from our feed.”

Still, gave us a good laugh.

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