Find out how many Londoners travel your tube journey every day

Getty Images / LeoPatrizi

London transport is a mysterious beast, full of stares, glares and faces pressed close to each other with not a word uttered. The code of conduct is to keep yourself to yourself – don’t make eye contact or talk too loud.

But that mystery is one step closer to being unlocked after Sadiq Khan unveiled a new questionnaire that allows participants to see how many people share the exact same commute.

The results are oddly surprising when you have a play on the app. For those of us who go from Bank to High Street Kensington every morning, we share the most commonly taken route. But if you’re going from Aldgate East to the same end point, you’re practically on your own.

Ever wondered if that guy who wears different tank tops every day shares your journey? Or the dad with the four screaming kids? Unfortunately it can’t reveal that, but it’s still pretty fascinating.

While anonymity is key to success when riding the underground system, this new insight might make us feel a little less lonely.

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