At a campaign event in Sunderland, local woman Page Hood challenged Boris Johnson on the use of “fake” websites that discredit Labour’s manifesto.

In response, ITV’s Paul Brand reports that the PM told her he didn’t know anything about this, dismissing it as a “media story”.

After confronting Johnson, Hood caught up with ITV to give her thoughts on the election campaign.

The NHS has been a key topic of discussion during the election campaign. Johnson has come under fire for promising 50,000 more nurses, when closer inspection revealed that only 31,000 of these nurses would be new.

Johnson has also come under fire for initially refusing to look at a picture of a sick four year-old boy lying on the floor of a hospital corridor. When shown the picture, Johnson took the reporters phone off him and put it in his pocket, before eventually describing it as "terrible".

Hood became emotional when discussing her own recent experience of the NHS on a trip to A&E with her son.

She said:

Twice last week we were sat in A&E for five hours.

By the time we were seen, his eardrum was almost bursting, because it was a severe ear infection.

A&E don’t have the staff or the time. It really scares me that if something were more serious.

Lastly, Hood made clear her views on the 12 December vote.

I don’t understand how anyone is going to trust the Conservatives at all.

I don’t see how anyone would believe that he’s going to spend money on the NHS when he’s been in power for nine years.


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