Matt Hancock tries and fails to explain the difference between 'more' and 'new' nurses in excruciating interview


When the Conservative Party launched its election manifesto, one of its key pledges was an additional 50,000 nurses for the NHS over ten years.

But it didn’t take long for this pledge to unravel.

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Just moments after the manifesto launch, the figure was debunked. Seeing as 19,000 of these nurses will be “retained” (nurses working for the NHS already), the figure is, at best, 31,000 nurses.

The next day former Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan bumbled her way through an incredibly unfcomfortable interview the next day as she struggled to defend the claim.

The issue isn’t going away.

Following Labour’s release of documents which it claims suggest that the NHS could be on the table in any US-UK trade deal (a claim the Conservatives strongly deny), Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been attempting to assure people that the NHS is safe in Tory hands.

Hancock was inevitably asked by the BBC's Charlie Stayt to clarify the 50,000 figure.

His answer was, to put it lightly, excruciating.

We’re not saying 50,000 new nurses, we’re saying 50,000 more nurses – that’s really really important.

By reducing the amount of people who leave, you increase the amount of people who are there.

On social media, people weren't exactly convinced by Hancock's explanation.

More: Tory minister caught out as nurses election pledge is torn to shreds on live TV

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