A man took to Twitter to complain about an LGBT-inclusive badge being handed out in an NHS clinic and was absolutely roasted for it.

NHS Rainbow badges were launched this week at the Evelina London Children's Hospital to show it is an "open, non-judgmental and inclusive place for people that identify as LGBT+". The hospital is hoping that the badges remind young people especially that they can talk to staff about "who they are and how they feel".

While the initiative, posted on their website and then on Twitter, was applauded by many, one man didn't seem to get the memo. Responding in a since-deleted tweet, "Neil" responded:

How about a straight badge?

But instead of letting the comment go, the hospital responded with a photoshopped badge that read "Neil is straight", firing back:

Here you go Neil, so you don't feel left out

And to this exchange, which has been forever memorialised thanks to one Twitter user, we have only one thing to say:

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