An ultra-conservative media pundit said that women shouldn't be using "bad words" and the internet gave him no mercy.

Nicholas J Fuentes, who is a commentator on the America First podcast, wrote in a now-deleted tweet, that:

Women shouldn't say bad words. RT if you agree.

It was only a matter of minutes before the traditionalist personality, who regularly spreads alt-right views across different media platforms, was being roasted by men and women alike on Twitter.

The biggest burn came from journalist Kaj-Erik Eriksen who wrote:

Women also made it clear to that they can say whatever they want.

In the past, Fuentes has come under fire for arguing that the First Amendment was "not written for Muslims". He also once said that the "people behind CNN" should be "arrested, deported or hanged".

From these examples alone, it is evident that Fuentes is no stranger to spreading hate speech, which is why his public internet roasting was probably very well-deserved.

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