Man says he ‘struggled’ to name five women he admired and got thoroughly roasted

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A man has taken to Twitter to say that he 'struggled' to name five women that he admired, and thankfully good-hearted non-sexist social media users weren't having any of it.

US Army public affairs officer, dad and 'minor's son' Bill Leasure took to Twitter to share the frankly bizarre thought, saying:

Here's a challenge for my male peers. Name five women you admire. I'm embarrassed to admit, I struggled with this at first.

There is so much to unpack here, not least that Mr Leasure thought that this was a brilliant thing to share publicly with his Twitter followers.

Thankfully, many people on social media thought the 'hot take' needed correcting and went to work sharing their lists of admirable women, including politicians such as American Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the prime minister of New Zealand Jacinda Arden.

Others stayed closer to home mentioning family members such as their mothers and wives, as well as name dropping scientists, journalists, and creatives.

Some were very confused as to why Mr Leasure ever went public with this.

Well, at least he was embarrassed.

He then went on to share some even more revealing information.

Some people were rightly completely and utterly shocked.

How about five men they loathe?

Others said that actually, most men would probably only name men in the list of people they admire.

Some other men shared examples of five women they did admire.

While others said that women fighting the patriarchy are extremely admirable.

And that there are many, many women who are admirable.

Others gave the obvious example of 'mum'.

At least the negativity was turned on its head, to bring out a whole load of women who are extremely 'admirable'.

Here's Nancy to sum things up.

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