Nicola Sturgeon confirms her shoes were recovered after they were ‘stolen’ by a toddler

Nicola Sturgeon confirms her shoes were recovered after they were ‘stolen’ by a toddler

Nicola Sturgeon was recently the victim of daylight robbery but luckily she managed to catch her thief.

Scotland’s First Minister was cruelly robbed after she took her shoes off to stand on some Astroturf, during a trip to a nursery near Stirling in which she set out government priorities for early years education.

The perpetrator of the crime was a toddler who kneeled on the ground with her hands in the high-heels as the First Minister laughed behind her, appearing powerless to stop the brazen thief in her tracks. Unashamed about her crime, the toddle laughed, undeterred by the cameras witnessing her.

But later, Sturgeon confirmed she had managed to get her shoes back, to the relief of many.

Reacting to the incident, people found it ‘adorable’ rather than viewing it as an extremely egregious crime:

Meanwhile, Sturgeon has had to cope with other difficult individuals as of late. After Prime Minister Boris Johnson turned down an invitation to hang out while he was in Scotland she said it was “strange” the PM would not meet her during his two-day visit to Scotland.

The first minister said “I don’t feel snubbed” but “most people will think it’s a bit odd” that Johnson declined an invitation.

Instead, he met police officers and visited a renewable energy project.

After her visit to the nursery, however, Sturgeon appeared to be in good spirits despite the attempted theft.

“Thanks to staff and children at the wonderful Fallin Nursery for a great visit this morning,” she wrote, adding that the new early learning policy she unveiled, doubling state-funded early education, was “giving children best start in life and saving families around £4900 a year”.

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