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The comedian Janey Godley has produced a viral video in which she has dubbed the voices of Nicola Sturgeon and the Queen discussing Boris Johnson.

The Scottish stand-up and writer from Glasgow is a supporter of the Scottish National Party as well as an outspoken fan of Jeremy Corbyn.

Indeed, she embarked on a tour in support of the latter in February 2016 with a group of other comics.

Godley has made a habit of spoof voice-over videos and this might be her magnum opus.

If you haven't got time to watch it, here is a little transcription:

Sturgeon: Good afternoon, your majesty.

Queen: Frank! Shut the door!

Sturgeon: How's things? I hear there has been a bit of trouble? What's been happening? That's a lovely carpet. We had one like that in Rossy. So, how's things?

Queen: You know Boris? He lied to me, you know.

Sturgeon: Aye, well calm down. He lies to everybody. You're not the first woman he has lied to and you won't be the last. But don't worry. He's gonna need a good lawyer because we've got a right good few. So, how's things?

Twitter was delighted by Godley’s effort and the people were not shy in voicing their approval.

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