It was an unpredictable day in Westminster as the government survived a no confidence vote and Theresa May offered opposition leaders the opportunity to contribute their thoughts to her Brexit deal.

Before all of that, MPs were debating as to what was going to happen that evening in the Commons, and it required a lot of standing about and talking to TV cameras in the central lobby.

This is pretty standard fare for a busy day in Parliament, but the SNP decided to shake things up a bit and formed a united front for the cameras, which involved them standing behind first minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

Ms Sturgeon spoke about her intentions to hold further talks with the PM over the Brexit deal and also hinted about holding another Scottish independence referendum.

However, whatever she said, no matter how interesting and important, it was overshadowed by the crowded formation that her colleagues made around her, and was soon being ridiculed on social media.

As always with Twitter, people soon began to make jokes and compare the image to other things and it was pretty hilarious.

The two best comparisons had to be The Antiques Roadshow and Sky Sports News on transfer deadline day.

At least Ian Blackford looked like he was having fun...

HT Evening Standard

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