Anna Soubry owns Nigel Farage on live TVafter asking how his 'Brexit march is going?'

For a man who is son staunchly for Brexit, Nigel Farage has found himself getting brutally shamed for it on a remarkably consistent basis.

Less than 24 hours on from being left with egg on his face after holding a Twitter poll on the Brexit deal where revoking article 50 won, he appeared on the BBC's Politics Live show.

This appearance on Politics Live gave us two brilliant pieces of Farage schadenfreude in the space of two minutes.

Things started out with the former UKIP leader complaining about Theresa May and her maligned deal, which he and nearly everyone else is firmly against.

If we do not leave on March 29 it will be a betrayal of the greatest democratic exercise in the history of this nation.

The problem here is the prime minister because there she is, giving her speech to the nation saying 'I'm on your side.'

She's the one pushing Brexit and I'm tired of hearing commentators talking about Mrs May's deal. 

It is not a deal. It is a treaty. A new legally binding international treaty. We are leaving one treaty for another and the one she wants us to sign up to is even worse than the one we are just leaving.

Host, Andrew Neil, then interrupted Farage and pointed out something that was glaringly obvious about his statement.

So, shall we just stay in then? If the only option is worse than the status quo then maybe we should just stay in and regard the last three years as never happening.

Everyone had a good chuckle at this line, the former Tory MP and member of the newly founded TIG, Anna Soubry butted in and asked Farage:

How's the march going Nigel?

This is an obvious reference to the disastrous 'March to Leave' which saw a smattering of Brexiteers set off from Sunderland on Saturday on a 14 day walk to London in protest of Brexit being delayed.

The stunt was widely mocked on social media with Farage taking the brunt of the gags as he only showed up for about an hour of the walk and let the rest of them get on with it without him.

Not wishing to have the march dragged through the mud any longer, Farage shot back and told Soubry that it was going "very well indeed."

Soubry came back again and mocked the number of people that showed up for his march:

Have you got more than 150 people yet? How many people have you employed to go on your march?

What came next was a childish back and forth between two adults that should really no better.

That being said people really enjoyed Farage being showed up once again, proving that the misfortune of others, especially wannabe politicians, is extremely compelling.

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