Overheard voice at the end of Theresa May's Brexit speech on Sky News sums up what everyone is thinking

Overheard voice at the end of Theresa May's Brexit speech on Sky News sums up what everyone is thinking

An overheard exclamation about Theresa May’s recent speech is resonating with people online.

Theresa May addressed the nation in Downing Street last night as she spoke on the Brexit deadline – which is creeping ever closer with just eight days to go.

The prime minister made a statement in which she criticised MPs for voting down her Withdrawal Agreement, and blamed the House of Commons for failing to agree to implementing terms following the 2016 referendum.

In a televised address, and speaking to the public, she stated: “I am on your side."

Of this, I am absolutely sure: You the public have had enough. You are tired of the infighting, you're tired of the political games and the arcane procedural rows, tired of MPs talking about nothing else but Brexit when you have real concerns about our children's schools, our National Health Service, knife crime.

You want this stage of the Brexit process to be over and done with. I agree. I am on your side. It is now time for MPs to decide.

But a disembodied voice awkwardly heard on Sky News wasn't convinced by Theresa May's speech.

“Oh please,” a woman said, as the PM walked away from the lectern.

Others agreed with the unnamed woman

May's speech has been widely condemned by MPs across the UK who call her words an attack on the democratic process.

Labour politician Lisa Nandy said on ITV’s Peston show:

There's absolutely no chance she is going to win over MPs in sufficient numbers after that statement. It was an attack on liberal democracy itself ... I will not support a government that takes such a reckless approach.

Wes Streeting, labour MP for Ilford North suggested May’s fighting words are endangering the lives of politicians.

I've thought long and hard before saying this, but (May) knows that MPs across the House are subjected to death threats -- some very credible," he wrote on Twitter. "Her speech was incendiary and irresponsible. If any harm comes to any of us, she will have to accept her share of responsibility.

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