Nigel Farage is still complaining about his terrible Andrew Marr interview

Nigel Farage is still complaining about his terrible Andrew Marr interview

Nigel Farage is still angry about his confrontational interview with Andrew Marr.

The former UKIP leader was questioned on Sunday over his past comments during the referendum and his views on topics such as climate change, Vladimir Putin and the NHS.

Since Sunday, Farage has pinned a clip from the interview to his Twitter profile with a caption that claims he’s now “fighting the BBC”.

Now, the Brexit Party leader is suggesting that he lost his temper during the interview because he wasn’t allowed to promote his party enough.

Speaking to LBC, he started by complaining about the cost of the licence fee for some reason.

Then he told LBC:

You've got a brand new political movement that's come from nothing and is leading the polls.

I would have thought on the first big interview on TV, it might be interesting to find out how and why that has happened, who the candidates were.

He added that he thought Marr wanted to spend more time talking about “irrelevances and inaccuracies” rather than the upcoming European parliament elections.

It is true that Marr barely asked about the European elections, but political interviews are also a valuable opportunity to scrutinise candidates.

If Farage wants to shout campaign slogans and talk about how great his party is, he can do so at Brexit Party rallies.

But Marr’s job as a journalist is to ask uncomfortable questions.

His reaction gives the impression that Farage thinks interviews are just free advertising...

The idea that the BBC doesn’t want to talk about Brexit is also ridiculous.

The broadcaster has covered Brexit every day for the last three years and has a weekly podcast specifically focused on it.

Meanwhile, Farage has appeared on Question Time 33 times, putting him among the most frequent guests on the show ever.

The Marr interview received a mixed response on Sunday.

Some praised the presenter for putting Farage under pressure over his past statements.

But other thought the interview played into the Brexit Party's narrative of bias against Brexit.

Until Farage is prepared to explain how he would get a good deal Brexit deal - beyond leaving with no deal and then demanding one - it's hard to see what's the point in interviewing him.

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