In terms of spouting nonsense on Twitter and not actually doing any research, Nigel Farage is up there with the Trump.

He continuously rants and raves about Brexit but always manages to somehow embarrass himself and display just how little he actually knows about the workings of the EU.

His latest objection to something happening in parliament that will delay Brexit is an emergency bill that was passed last night which will force Theresa May to seek a further postponement of the UK's departure from the EU.

The legislation that was proposed by Labour's Yvette Cooper was passed by just one vote in the Commons, and should the EU approve it, will stop the UK crashing out of Europe on April 12 without a deal.

Farage, who is unsurprisingly in favour of a hard no-deal Brexit, took to Twitter after the legislation was passed and he wasn't best pleased and literally said he was prepared for a fight.

Farage's objection to the one vote superseding the difference in the 2016 EU referendum was the first thing to be taken apart by Twitter users.

Farage also failed to acknowledge parliament's sovereignty, which is something that all Brexiteers wanted to get back, right?

Farge wasn't the only hardline Brexiteer that objected to the result of this vote. Tory MP Mark Francois also made a very angry speech in the Commons after it was passed.

Fortunately for those that don't want a no-deal Brexit it looks like we can thank David Lammy for sticking around last night and not dashing off to watch Tottenham Hotspsur play in their new stadium.

It should also be noted that this vote was passed on Farage's 55 birthday. What a wonderful present for the leader of the new Brexit party.

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