Nigel Farage gets roasted for saying he left UKIP because it went 'far right'

Nigel Farage gets roasted for saying he left UKIP because it went 'far right'

Nigel Farage is everywhere again. Sigh. Because nothing bad happened the last time he was on TV and radio constantly, did it?

Fresh from launching his new Brexit Party in the run up to the European parliament elections, Farage was interviewed by the BBC.

Though his latest interview didn’t go so well, as Farage claimed that he left UKIP because it has turned to the "far right".

Farage, who quit UKIP in December, claimed today his former party has been "taken over" by the far right. Though he insisted that his new party, by contrast, will be "intolerant of intolerance".

Though he also said there was "no difference" in policy between the two parties. Alrighty then.

Using language that many have blamed for MPs receiving death threats, he said that MPs should "fear" the public over Brexit.

BBC Radio 4's 'Today'programme quickly pointed out that the Brexit Party's own leader quit over messages sent from her Twitter account that showed clear anti-Islam sentiment. Blaiklock claimed Islam is "incompatible with liberal democracy" and insinuated that Islam promotes rape.

He responded:

Have we had a couple of teething problems? Yes.


Blaiklock was listed as the party's leader by the Electoral Commission, but Farage has since taken over.

Before starting his new party, Farage has endorsed far-right candidates including France’s Marine Le Pen and US president Donald Trump. So it's not clear where the sense of moral superiority in relation to his former party is coming from.

The real story of why he left UKIP is unknown, but it might have something to do with failing to become an MP seven times? Just a guess.

People were quick to roast the cringe-worthy interview.

H/T: Mirror

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