Nigel Farage accused of ‘racism’ after blaming Bristol anti-policing bill riots on BLM protesters

Nigel Farage accused of ‘racism’ after blaming Bristol anti-policing bill riots on BLM protesters

Nigel Farage’s basic understanding of what is happening in the news reached new heights on Sunday when he appeared to be very confused about what was happening in Bristol.

The former leader of the Brexit Party and MEP was apoplectic about the violent scenes which rocked Bristol on Sunday night as a peaceful ‘Kill the Bill’ protest turned violent, leaving two police officers in hospital.

The protest was in opposition to the controversial new policing bill which the government voted through the House of Commons last week, but Farage thought it was something altogether different.

Perhaps showing how blinkered his mindset can be, Farage shared a video of the riot and blamed it on the Black Lives Matter movement adding ‘Wake up everyone, this is not about racial justice.’

Farage’s bizarre approximation that BLM protesters were behind the violence saw soon some push back from others on Twitter, who accused him of stoking racism and deliberately sharing disinformation.

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Good Morning Britain weatherman Alex Beresford also asked Farage what the riots in Bristol had to do with Black Lives Matter.

Farage followed this up by claiming the BLM protests that were seen around the world last summer were ‘anti-police’ and what happened in Bristol was an ‘extension of that.’

Farage could be confusing and drawing a thin narrative between the scenes from last summer when the statue of slave trader Edward Colston was toppled and thrown into a river in Bristol.

Meanwhile, home secretary Priti Patel called the scenes in Bristol ‘unacceptable’ and that ‘thuggery and disorder by a minority will never be tolerated.’

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