Political commentator Nigel Farage has once again shocked absolutely no one as he revealed that he is leaving politics behind.

The former politician, who has a history of quitting politics only to return, has raised eyebrows with his new role as he tweeted that he has joined Cameo and will be selling personalised videos of himself.

Cameo is a company that specialises in celebrity shout outs. For a price, people can pay to have a ‘celebrity’ record a video message of their choosing which seem to be popular for big events like birthdays and weddings.

With varying fees for different calibre of celebrity, from Z-list reality stars to recognisable actors and musicians, right-wing politician Farage has somehow found his way onto the site as a hireable voice for the sum of £52.50.

In the video announcement, Farage says his personalised messages are available for “Mother’s Day, a birthday, a wedding to surprise somebody”, adding “I promise you I will mention Brexit. I will mention Trump”.

His bizarre revelation predictably gave way to a host of joke responses mocking the new role from those with a disliking of him and his political stance. Many hinted at his involvement with Brexit and his long campaign for the UK to leave the European Union.

Many of the jibes made reference to his political stances which include anti-immigration policies.

Others found it very bizarre that the video announcement took place in a phone box and likened it to an audition for Doctor Who.

Well, it would certainly be a unique gift...

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