Nigel Farage came up with a genuinely stunning justification for claims of Ukip racism

Friday 10 June 2016 16:00

Remember when Nigel Farage wasn't racist, just tired?

Who could forget his apology two years ago after suggesting people may be right to be worried if a Romanian family moved in next door.

Now Farage has come up with an even more wonderful justification when confronted with claims of racism in his party during a BuzzFeed UK Facebook Live townhall event.

Speaking to Jim Waterson, he dismissed claims about sexism and racism in Ukip - exclaiming that people had just had "one too many drinks".

We guess these Ukip activists must have been really drunk then.

Following the comments, Farage was cofronted by an audience member who said: "Don't just stand there and say it's one too many drinks. You fuel the hatred for your party."

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