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Nigel Farage resigned as Ukip leader this week following the vote of the British public to Leave the European Union in the 23 June referendum.

He has not, however, resigned as an MEP, apparently.

Ukip confirmed this was the case to The Staggers:

UKIP MEPs have a mandate from the people who elect them and get paid like every other MEP.

They will continue to represent their electorate until they leave the European Union.

What this means, is that the man who ranks 746th out of 751 among MEPs for his voting attendance record (38.5%), will continue to pocket his salary of roughly €96,000.

Before Brexit, this equated to roughly £76,000. Now it equates to roughly £84,000, thanks to the falling value of the pound to the Euro.

Farage has received a relative pay rise after Brexit, as he is paid in Euros.

In addition, European parliament has confirmed that because the referendum result does not trigger an automatic withdrawal, British MEPs can in theory hold their position until the next European Election in 2019. Or until the UK leaves the EU.

Let's not even delve into his expenses.

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