Conversation between Nigel Farage and Remain voter ends with bizarre analogy about football

Nigel Farage has had his fair share of unusual phone calls and embarrassments during his time as an LBC Radio host but a phone call during Thursday's edition of the show has to be the most confusing.

A remain voter named Liz called into his show to discuss the ongoing omnishambles that is Brexit and one of Farage's first questions to her was if she believed Boris Johnson was making any progress on negotiations with the EU.

Predictably her answer was 'no' and went on to criticise the prime minister for failing to make any headway on the issue of the Irish backstop. She said:

There is no progress on the backstop it is there for a reason, to protect the island of Ireland and the single market, and there is no getting out of the backstop unless England goes it alone.

Farage then plays her a clip of Macron stating that there could be an amendment to the backstop but she isn't buying it as it could be something as minor as a word being altered and that the 'likes of [Mark] Francois and the raving looneys' would probably just reject it anyway.

The conversation them really comes off the rails when Liz says that the only logical solution is to remain in the EU and refuses to answer Farage's question on whether she would prefer a withdrawal agreement or a no-deal exit.

The Brexit Party leader then strangely says:

I want to win the 100 meters at the next Olympics but it isn't going to happen.

Never really put Farage down as an athletics fan but there you go.

She then goes on to say that the British people should have another vote because the mandate for Brexit is "over three years old, it's mouldier than Ms Havisham's bedroom." Someone's a Charles Dickens fan.

The conversation then ends on a bizarre analogy which seemed to confuse and amuse Farage when Liz jokingly says that because she doesn't like watching football that there should be a referendum on that too.

Yes this was a real conversation that two people had and you can watch the full clip in the video below.


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