Nigel Farage has been slammed as “deluded” by an impassioned LBC caller.

The caller was responding to Farage’s blind optimism in the face of a no-deal Brexit – and his refusal to admit just how bad things could get.

Following the leak of the Operation Yellowhammer report, which looks into the very real effects of a no-deal Brexit, Farage was asking whether people really believed that “up to half of trade through Dover could disappear if we leave without an agreement.”

A caller named Claire, from Edgware, phoned in to say that Jeremy Corbyn deserves the right to lead a government if Boris Johnson receives a vote of no confidence.

Claire said,

If that is what the report is projecting, then you should respect it.

To which Farage responded:

It's comical! It's ridiculous.

She said

You have this habit Nigel of dismissing anything that doesn't concur with your viewpoint.

It's only comical because you don't agree with it. Why don't you just try for once to be a bit more equitable in your approach?

As he insisted that he has shipped goods to countries with which we have no trade deal, Claire lost her cool, saying:

Are you serious? Are you deluded?

Farage also called the idea that our flow of goods could fall by 50% “impossible”.

You can listen to the full call below.


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