Nigel Farage dumped a tray of dead fish in the Thames and people - and now people are reporting him to the council for fly tipping.

The former Ukip leader and Leave campaigners sailed a red, white and blue fishing boat on the river, before stopping in front of Parliament and dumping the crates of dead haddock.

He and the others are protesting the Government’s agreements that the UK will be merely “consulted” on fishing quotes during the Brexit transition.

Mr Farage told Sky News:

 The ludicrous situation is that haddock stocks in the West Country are very good indeed.

And yet the total allocation of haddock for the British fleet is 9 per cent.

What that means is the guys are going out fishing for other species, catching haddock because they can't avoid them - and fish like this are being thrown back dead.

The strange act got peoples' backs up and they quickly noticed that dumping dead animal carcass into the Thames is, uh, not allowed

According to the government website, fly-tipping includes the dumping of “animal carcass”. Dead fishes fall under that category.

A number of people promptly did just that

A Scotland Yard spokesperson told Metrothat no arrests were made.

The Marine Policing Unit had three boats in the central London area of the Thames to monitor and facilitate a protest at 9am on Wednesday, 21 March.

Westminster Council has been contacted for comment.

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