Nigel Farage is not happy that funds are being raised to name a lifeboat after him

Nigel Farage is not happy that funds are being raised to name a lifeboat after him

Nigel Farage has found out about the fundraiser to name a lifeboat after him and he is not best pleased.

Speaking in a rant on GB News, he bemoaned migrants entering the UK once more and repeated claims that border forces were “overwhelmed” before slamming those who are attempting to help by supporting the RNLI.

He said: “All the hard left are the ones saying ‘we must crowdfund, we must help, we must buy a new lifeboat and name it after Farage’ and all the rest of it. Well, even if £200,000 has been raised since this so-called row began, it doesn’t really help very much because the daily running cost is £440,000.

Farage was trolled with the fundraiser after he compared the RNLI to a “taxi service for illegal trafficking gangs”.

His controversial comments prompted a huge surge in donations, with Jayne George, the RNLI fundraising marketing and media director, saying: “We are overwhelmed with the huge level of support we have received from our amazing supporters in the last couple of days.”

He also attracted slaps on the wrist from politicians from a range of parties and even his free-speech loving employer, Andrew Neil.

But despite the backlash, Farage has stood by his comments and used his numerous GB News appearances to double-down on them, claiming he is speaking for “Conservative voters”.

But people are voting with their wallets and at the time of writing, over £63,000 has been raised for the lifeboat from over 4,000 donors.

In the fundraiser description, Simon Harris who organised it wrote: “I am trying to raise enough money to buy a new lifesaving hovercraft and I would like it to be called ‘The Flying Farage.’

“I feel that this would be incredibly appropriate due to Mr. Farage taking such an active interest in the RNLI’s activities right now.”

Following Farage moaning about it on GB News, he added in a tweet that donations “were going through the roof.”

“Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it,” he quipped.

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