A bizarre ‘horny’ Nintendo ad featuring Kim Cattrall has resurfaced and no one knows what to think

A bizarre ‘horny’ Nintendo ad featuring Kim Cattrall has resurfaced and no one knows what to think

Oh to be a fly on the wall of an advertising agency.

Especially seven hours into a key client brainstorm when one exec, fuelled on coffee and fear alone, raises their head and says “Kim Catrall… but horny… for Mario…?”

Sadly it’s unlikely we’ll ever get a peek behind the scenes at the decision making that led to Cattrall’s appearance in a 2012 commercial for Super Mario 3D Land, promoting its release onto the Nintendo 3DS console.

Instead we can all watch the bizarre end result, which has resurfaced thanks to Netflix film manager, Marc Snetiker.

The ad is clearly riffing off Cattrall’s most notable role, as sexually confident Samantha in Sex and the City.

Which is why it technically makes sense that she seductively delivers lines like “I’ve discovered a new way of enjoying my spare time… I go on magical adventures with a certain Mario”.

“And guess what?” the actor adds. “He’s totally into dressing up!”

“There are many men in my life,” Cattrall purrs with a smirk, as the ad concludes. “But for a few minutes, or a few hours, I’ll always find time for Mario”.

In retrospect, the creative concept that required Cattrall apply double entendres to a miniature video game character enjoyed by children the world over seems a little… off.

Social media users thought so too.

“I’m uncomfortable,” commented one.

Parallels were drawn with her previous work.

It was pointed out Cattrall's ad still wasn’t as jarring as Sharon Stone’s spot for AOL.

People were also thrown by the way Cattrall pronounced Mario’s name.

It's a-me! Mispronounced Ma-rio!

Apparently the debate over how to pronounce Mario (traditionally “MAH-ree-oh”) rages in the US.

There’s even videos walking users through the pronunciation.

Maybe ‘Ma-rio’ is correct when he’s in sexy mode.

Thankfully, the advertising industry seems to have realised that sex doesn’t always sell since Cattrall’s commercial aired.

Let’s keep it that way.

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