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With Brexit fast approaching, a new poll has revealed that the majority of Conservative Party members support a no-deal Brexit over prime minister Theresa May’s deal.

While a no-deal Brexit looms ever closer, a distressed caller phoned in to Jeremy Vine’s Channel 5 morning show to talk about the devastating effect that Brexit is already having on her family.

The called started by describing that she is planning to move to Dublin as her job in a bank "no longer exists" in London. She also said that her husband’s building company has lost 50 per cent of its builders.

So we’re being ruined by Brexit... It disgusts me

Thousands of jobs have gone to Frankfurt and Dublin.

Next the caller began to cry, saying:

We’re going to struggle to put food on our table because of few of you don’t like foreigners.

I love my country and I don’t know why we’re ruining it. I don’t want economic hardship I want to give the best for my children.

After the video went viral, Twitter users were supportive of the caller, with many telling similar stories.

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