No fun authorities investigate the f**k it, I quit reporter

No fun authorities investigate the f**k it, I quit reporter

The reporter who left her job live on air by announcing "fk it, I quit" is being investigated for possible campaign finance violations.**

Charlo Greene became an online star in September after she publicly left her job at KTVA TV to work towards legalising marijuana in Alaska. She is now being investigated by the Alaska Public Offices Commission who are looking into whether she used funds generated through crowd sourcing site IndieGoGo to campaign for the change in law.

"If you publish your personal stance on any issue, then this government agency believes they have the authority to ask for emails, bank-account information, all of your records," Greene said of the investigation after her personal documents were subpoenaed. "That's scary."

"Without a reasonable investigation, no determination can be reached," the commission said in a three-page order, which noted Greene had not been found to be in violation of the law.

As Alaska Dispatch News reports, the law in the state means all entities advocating for campaigns need to register with the commission.

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