No one can stop talking about Cristiano Ronaldo and that moth in the Euros final

Picture: AFP/Getty
Picture: AFP/Getty

On Sunday Portugal became the European Champions after they won a decisive match against France with Éderzito Lopes scoring the first and only goal.

A knee injury stole Cristiano Ronaldo’s chance to make history and he was taken from the field, weeping, just 25 minutes in.

It was a sad state of affairs, and his supporters might have given him more attention, if not for the moths.

Yes, the moths.

According to Capital FM, the infestation was the result of floodlights being left on the at Paris’s Stade de France stadium the night before.

There's the inevitable gif...

A Harry Potter reference (because there’s always a Harry Potter reference)

A reminder that all had not been lost, via Lord of the Rings

And Pokémon Go

Someone did this with Messi's head:

The moth came out to have its say as well…

In fact, all of the moths tweeted

There were predictions of #Mothgate

There was also a throwback to James Rodriguez’ grasshopper from the 2014 World Cup

This Twitter user basically sums up this year's Euro Championships:

And speaking of Iceland....

Ah. It all makes sense now.

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